Fillers Nepal is a Non-Profit Organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal, founded with the sole aim to “Fill in the Missing Parts” of an individual’s life and of a community as a whole. 
Established in 13th March 2017, with the belief to fill in the gap that our society has - be it education, empowerment, health, support, employments or just merely an idea or counseling, if that would enable even a single individuals life in any form. With an impact of 3E’s (Education, Empowerment and Employment) and 3S (Support, Safety and Security), Fillers Nepal intends to become a stronger and fast fulfilling NGO of Nepal. 
Fillers Nepal has initiated its first project “Encouraging Learners through Library” by initiating library in rural parts of Nepal with the core idea of developing reading habit among young children of rural areas. Focusing more on out of course books like literature, fairy tales, moral stories, history, about life and adventure, self-improvement books and books of various other categories from around the world.
Why reading habit and why rural area? 
Firstly reading is a wonderful feeling and young children in rural area are missing out this wonderful feeling and this is where Fillers Nepal has stepped in to introduce this wonderful feeling of loving to read. Secondly, being born in a remote part of this world should not be the reason for someone to not be able to explore new ideas and have a different mindset – through books Fillers Nepal intend to introduce the world to these young people and pave a way to developing a different perspective of life - a more wider vision of what already exist and what can exist.
“Life isn’t about surviving – its about living” despite where you are born - and young people at their age needs to learn about these facts and its only possible if they know how to read and develop this habit of reading. There are numbers of books available in the market that talks about new innovation, self help, creative ways of life, dealing with health issues, developing life skill and many more and it’s a sad thing that not many young people in Nepal especially rural Nepal gets to explore them – one reason being their inability to read and understand and the other being the unavailability and unaffordability of reading material in their rural region. Thus Fillers Nepal’s first project is to make reading material available in the rural parts of Nepal, provide guidance to improving reading skill and develop reading habit among the young people of these areas. Thus giving a path for knowledge from around the world to penetrate slowly in its unique way into life of every children of rural and high Himalayan region.