Fillers Nepal is a non-profit organization established with the core idea of “Filling the missing parts” of our society. Its goal is to serve needy and poor and to help them find ways to better version of living. Fillers Nepal aims to fill in the missing parts of our society with the vision of reaching out, both mental and physical growth in order to enable an individual and group to be able and free. 
“Reading is a wonderful feeling” and our first project “Encouraging Learners through Library” aims to pursue the idea of developing reading habit among the children’s of the rural area of Nepal by initiating library in School of such area. Our mission is to help children develop a love of reading and to foster their communication proficiency. Children living in these rural areas do not have access to books of outer knowledge and are thus unaware of the importance that these books provide in shaping their mind and developing ideas. Thus Fillers Nepal is making a difference in life of those who wants to read but cannot afford to do so. Library Initiation in each of the school makes a comprehensive coverage of books such as storybook, moral stories, history, general books, and other categories that help young children broaden their perspective, along with stationeries and sports items.

Fillers Nepal is there to initiate library at various school premises of the rural areas of Nepal in the hope that this will enrich the reading habits of the young students and enlightened them for brighter future tomorrow.